« To enter into the universe of flamenco is to possess
another skin, another soul, to experience other passions,
other instincts, other desires.
And to see the world differently, with a sense of grandeur...
Mindful of fate, yet with nerve of music. »



The Centre de Danse Flamenco is a school renowned for the quality of its artistic vision and direction. Year after year, a growing clientele is attracted to its warm, friendly atmosphere and comfortable dance studios.

Palos and palmas, braceos and taconeos, shawls, fans and castanets, as well as guitar and singer accompaniment of classes: all the elements of traditional flamenco are explored and reinterpreted in a contemporary expression of the art form exemplifying the vitality of modern-day flamenco.

The Centre's instructional objectives are aimed at permitting students to learn the different flamenco dance techniques in a well-rounded approach that exposes students to the culture, history and sociology of this Andalusian gypsy art form. Rooted in a secular tradition and born out of a people's irrepressible need for expression, the art of flamenco opens our way to a personal affirmation of our deepest emotions.

Centre de Danse activities include classes, workshops, flamenco guitar classes and an end-of-year show with professional musicians.

Passion, pleasure, flexibility, strength and intense emotions guaranteed!

The most talented students will have the possibility of participating in numerous events organized by the Centre de Danse Flamenco in collaboration with other organizations.